The JoinedUp NetworkThe Story So Far


We Are Joined Up

The JoinedUp Network concept was born during 2012 in Stevenage and started out predominantly operating networking events at sports clubs on the basis that they had a desire to interact more with the local business community, the facilities and catering were excellent and there was no problem with parking and access.

The monthly events had the desired effect and attracted a good number of local companies and organisations and business was generated for those attending and, importantly, for the clubs themselves.

We were involved initially with attending the events and making presentations to the attendees and latterly, by contacting and meeting with other sports clubs throughout the UK.

We soon found that interest was definitely there and it was something the clubs wanted to implement but could not due to lack of resources and staff.

The start of 2013 saw a flurry of activity with meetings with several sports clubs, monthly events and also the events were taken over and managed by Tax Architects.

The way the JoinedUp Network works is that we market the events via email and social media in order to attract them to the monthly events and we market to local businesses in order to ensure there are new faces at each event.

We operate a multi-academy facility (Gold Membership) whereby regular attendees can take advantage of reduced event rates and attend up to four events per month. This is particularly helpful for those businesses who wish to generate business out of their immediate catchment area.

The events also offer opportunities for businesses to showcase their products and services by way of structured presentations at the monthly event so they can get their message across to many businesses and in several different locations.